Slow Roast Leg of Lamb

This Slow Roast Leg of Lamb is the best dish for a family and guests. It does take patience, but you’ll be rewarded with tender lamb leg that can be pulled off the bone, served with your delicious sauces or burger.


  • 1.5~2kg leg of lamb bone in (or shoulder)
  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • 3 garlic, 2 rosemary sprigs
  • Carrot, onion, celery, leek,
  • 2 cups / 500 ml beef broth
  • 2 cups / 500 ml water


  • Juice form pan
  • Mixture of 2 tbs butter and 2 tbs
  • Salt and pepper to taste



Preheat oven to 180C (standard) .
Place garlic, onion and rosemary in a metal roasting pan.

  1. Leave the Leg of Lamb at room temperature for 1hour.Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper and 1tbsp of olive oil, rub it in. Make 6~8 small cuts all over the leg and insert rosemary springs and cut garlic.
  2. Place diced carrot, celery and leek in a metal roasting pan and place the lamb leg on t
  3. Pour broth and water around the lamb and cover with foil.
  4. Place in the oven and roast for 4 hours.
  5. Remove from the oven, remove foil. Turn lamb over. Check it to ensure the meat is tender (pry a bit off with a fork). If not, return, covered, to oven.
  6. Return uncovered lamb to oven for a further 30 minutes or until well browned.
  7. Remove lamb, spoon over pan juices generously. Transfer to serving platter, cover loosely with foil while you make the gravy.


  1. Use a large spoon to skim off some of the fat from the surface of the liquid.
  2. Transfer to a pot and boil down the juice almost 2/3 volume. Strain gravy- pressing juices out of the vegetables. Add the mixture of butter and flour little by little and use whisper to mix each time. ,.
  3. Pour gravy into jug.
  4. Serving: The meat is tender so you will only need tongs to tear the meat off. Serve with gravy.