Company Services

1. Product development and sales: harmonising supply and demand

Foodworks is positioned centrally between clients requiring products or raw materials, and specialist suppliers, manufacturing and delivering improved products which can be trusted. We develop markets for these suppliers, making a finished product according to demand.

Foodworks matches clients with the right suppliers using its knowledge and experience in the food industry, as well as business networks throughout Australia and Asia. Our company also provides manufacture of standardised goods, production start-up, imports, and exports as part of this service. Clients can expect us to provide products at competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

2. Quality control: establishing security and trust

Foodworks manages production, quality control and product standards on site, in place of clients. Based in Sydney, our head office has good access to all regions of Australia. This allows us to visit supplier factories nationwide with ease, to carry out inspection of product manufacturing where necessary. Our meticulous effort and care each day makes doing business with Foodworks a simple process. Additionally, professional meat industry staff are working daily with suppliers to develop products which meet client demands.

3. Consulting: locating needs within the supply chain

Foodworks assists with the development, production, distribution, import, and export of ideal products and raw materials, as well as market surveys. We welcome inquiries regarding these services from businesses around the world, including Australian domestic businesses.

Foodworks staff have a wide network of contacts and plentiful experience in the food industry, assisting clients in dealings with trustworthy suppliers around the world regarding business expansion, and product development.

4. Imports and exports: streamlining distribution

Foodworks provides a specialist shipping coordination service. Beyond just arranging shipping, we prepare customs clearance documents, and detailed correspondence on shipping schedules. This includes dispatch and loading information, which cannot be handled by the production side. Our shipping specialists also take care of everything from the logistics to export of small quantities from different manufacturers, organising them into exportable amounts. This makes it possible for clients to order products in a small quantity directly from overseas.