Yuzu Products


Yuzu is one of the citrus fragrance, originally it is said that it was transmitted to Japan from China during the Nara period, it is a very historical fruit.
It is nutritious higher than the same kind of lemon, lime, etc. It is said that it is good for fatigue recovery and cold prevention because it contains a lot of citric acid and vitamin C, and we have seasonings and drinking water with citron, We handle a lot of Yuzu products that you can use in a wide range of applications such as sweets.


A refreshing chili sauce with a citrus twist that contains yuzu citrus peel from Kyushu, Japan.

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Wholesalers: Nippon Food Supplies ( https://www.nipponfoodsupplies.com.au/ )

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Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho (Yuzu hot paste)

With a rich citrus flavour of Yuzu from Miyazaki prefecture, Japan, and a refreshing green chilli, Yuzu Kosho is a useful hot paste on your table.
The refreshing Yuzu flavour used for any dishes such as stir fry, hot pot etc.

Made in Thailand

Nori Kuro

Seaweed paste enriched with a combination of the best quality seaweed in Ariake Ocean, Japan and the refreshing Yuzu Kosho flavour.
Norikuro brings coastal breeze, fresh citrus flavour and a kick of chilli spice into your dishes. Best matches with steamed rice and other dishes as an accent.

Made in Japan

Shoga Sco

Shoga Sco is a unique seasoning sauce with ginger, vinegar and chilli.
The unique ginger flavour which suits any food, including Japanese, Western and Chinese, keeps flavour and your body warm.

Made in Japan



Yuzu Citrus Juice

It is frozen packed the fresh and rich flavour which is peculiar to Yuzu citrus into a juice pack.
S as well as savoury food, you can enjoy fresh flavour as desert, dressing, dipping sauce, cocktail and juice etc.

Made in Japan (for commercial)