Corporate Outline

Company Name: Foodworks International Pty Ltd
Trade Name: Foodworks International
ABN: 27 133 354 668
Head office: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date Founded: September 22, 2008
Annual Turnover: A$9m
Representative: Kimito Saikawa
Correspondent Banks: Westpac Banking Corporation

Company Information

Management Philosophy

Foodworks ensures quality products are delivered safely, to customers who depend on them. In other words, we put the right food in the right place.

From production to consumption, Foodworks is involved in all aspects of the food industry. We contribute to innovations in food culture by providing genuine, great tasting products with increasing quality, safety, and convenience.

Management Policy

  1. Aim for stable day to day operations, producing standardised goods and striking a balance between supply and demand, without basing transactions on the commodity market.
  2. Work to the strengths and unique characteristics of our clients, while managing products according to their demand, and suppliers suitable to their individual requirements.
  3. Play a key role in production, engaging in the management of production and quality control on behalf of the client.
  4. Increase our expertise as food industry specialists.
  5. Handle products at a global level, regardless of borders, regions or places.
  6. Specialise in overseas trade, conducting no domestic trade or direct sales to retailers.
  7. Undertake production, marketing, customer relations, and sales consulting.
  8. Provide an environment within which all employees can form a longstanding connection with Foodworks, taking pride in their work, and realising their potential.
  9. Continually endeavour to maintain trust in all business activities, and confirm our strong corporate reputation.